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Are you looking to save the WA Status of your friends or family? Welcome to Status Saver 2020, the tool that helps you do that right away in just a few seconds. With our tool you will find it very easy to see and save a status. We can save an image or video in no time, and you can save it in just a few seconds.
How can you save the WAStatus?
All you need to do is to check the status or story you are interested in, open our app, click on the video or image that you want to see and then save the status. It’s fast, convenient and it gives you all the tools you want while also making the process very fast.
4 different status types
We want to make it easy for you to engage in different status types as you see fit. With our app you can show G.B. statuses, as well as normal statuses, business statuses and Parallel Space Pro normal statuses. It’s a lot easier and simpler than ever before.
If you always wanted to see and save the WA Status very fast, Status Saver 2020 is here for you. Download today and test it out, we guarantee that you will have a very good experience getting the WAStatus for anyone!
• View and save the WA Status
• Repost without saving
• Repost, delete and multisave
• Dedicated video player and image viewer
• Fast navigation

ash all in one status saver


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