Super Jack Jump World Adventure

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Mushroom Jack, the adventure game 2019
Mushroom Jack is a classic screen game (levels) like the old dwarf mushroom game.
The game is highly attractive with beautiful graphics, lots of monsters, items and interesting levels.
Once participating in the game, you will be addicted, keep playing, keep playing to explore each level (levels) .... There are many interesting things in the levels (levels) later offline!
The game has 100 screens for you to explore freely without fear of being bored.

*** Highlights:
- Support Android low version (> = 4.1) for weak devices and still play
- Diverse sounds, background music create a playful feeling when playing
- Play very smoothly, without lag
- Extremely beautiful graphics, full HD quality but still have the classic nature in it
- 100 levels with increasing difficulty will help you have more experience while playing
- 5 and more items (boost items) accelerate, support when playing
- 7 and more types of monsters, enemies (conveyors), carousel
- Small installation capacity, suitable for many devices
- Absolutely FREE and can be played anytime anywhere without Internet

*** How to play:
- The game has 4 buttons with 3 main functions: running, jumping, shooting hammer (attacking monsters - enemies).
- Press the left arrow to move left, press the right arrow to move right
- Press and jump 1 time -> the character will dance 1 time, press again for a short time -> the character will dance again (help your character jump higher)
- Pressing and holding long will help your character jump higher
- Collect all the coins (coins) in the game screen to gain the most stars

*** Tip:
- In each screen play (levels) there will be areas and mysterious areas. In these regions there will be many support items (boost items) and coins (coins), please try to find out okay !!
- Do not be too hasty in locations where the water pipe "water pipe"
- Inside the rocks can have items (boost items) so you should try to break as many rocks as possible.
- Please upgrade the open support items priority: hammer, network ... before, will be very helpful for exploring each screen play

*** Community:



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