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发行商: Frenzy Tech Studio
价格: 免费



排名历史显示暴风雪超级人类飞行冰超级英雄战争在Google Play应用商店中的流行度以及其随着时间的变化。您可以追踪暴风雪超级人类飞行冰超级英雄战争在不同国家、分类和设备上每一天每一小时的表现。









It's time for city rescue gameplay to become a flying superhero frost man in this Snow Storm Super Human: Flying Ice Superhero War game. Be the frosty ice superhero with freezing icy powers to battle alien robots, snow monsters, and fire demon.

Rain snowball from the sky or freeze the evil robots making havoc in the city. US police are not trained to fight alien robots or bigfoot yeti coming from snow mountains. Fight in street with ice monsters and fire demons destroying the peace in your real city. Hit the frost beam and takedown monster robots army and save the futuristic city under crisis. New war engaging across city roads and building’s rooftops jump high and glide like flying superhero over the real city. Police captains need flying superhero icy powers to save US citizens. Save NY City with your frosting powers a wizard in arctic city bestowed you with absolute zero temperature power. So you can manipulate weather and winds them into frostbite and freezing beams.

Play Snow Storm Super Human; Flying Ice Superhero War game for FREE. With snowball and snow blizzard powers you can frost your enemies into ice blocks and smash them into pieces. Help US police captain pounce like snow leopard and take down enemies by fighting on NY streets. Live life as a snow superhero fight bigfoot yeti and alien robots to rescue NY city. Create snow storms use ice special abilities like freezing objects. No need for the rope as your true hero who can jump high and glide away with a snowstorm suite. Robot destroying military vehicles and US police captain need some assistance from cold super human to fight these giant machines.

Control snow and ice beat down criminals anyone across America, Russia, Mexico, and various countries can become an ice superhero with this top-class action game for FREE. Kick or punch to show some martial arts skills or use straight away your ice-cold powers to eliminate the. Live life or a virtual flying superhero who fights crime and in the city streets and saves innocent lives. Fight giant snow monsters and save NY City from any kind of rampage in a snow superhero war game. Freeze robot with absolute zero freezing beam superpower abilities, show super frost powers to freeze the iron robots. The American police captain wants you to save citizen families from the fire breathing monster.

You can drive cars and ride a motorbike if you don't want to jump or fly as an ice superhero. Become frost man in this city rescue action game. Drive car or ride bikes in this snowstorm superhero game for FREE.

Newest superhero game with icy cold powers
Freeze beam, snow hail to slow down enemies robot attacks
Frost ball to hit and freeze iron robots and enemies with blizzard balls
Kick and boxing coolest kungfu moves to keep the thrill of hand to hand combat

Best ice superhero game to fight robotics, bigfoot, and fire demons action-packed game.


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