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Do you here the call of IGI Army sniper duty? If you hear the call of IGI sniper than you have to answer the call of war and call of counter Terrorist duty. This is totally free to play army games.US army soldiers are ready to fight as counter terrorist forces.

Call of IGI Army Sniper: Counter Terrorist Duty is an anti-terrorism FPS shooting game with Counter terrorist special ops missions.Scenarios of world war ww1 and ww2 games are ready to amaze you in this best shooting game.You are tottaly free to fire in this strategic combat of counter terrorist war games. You are given a counter terrorist duty to target and destroy all the enemy camps. You are in line of fire and you have to defend your nation against the dangerous terrorists. Be the top soldier or legendary shooter o fww1 games or ww2 games but for this you have to answer this call of counter terrorist war duty.Encounter the best strike missions against enemies of modern war combat. feel free to snipe and shoot enemies of Best FPS game 2019.In order to counter terrorist, you are provided with advanced weapons containing high technology IGI army snipers.You are not only free to fire but also free to select your firing weapon to destroy enemy squad in this free to fire army war games battleground. You are the head of your commando team and you also have the air support from the air force which can come to your aid as required. You are up against the special trained terrorist shooters but you are an anti-terrorist commando and you have to do anything to diminish the terrorists from this earthThis is the call of war strike duty and you are going to be the best sniper and amazing legendary shooter of free army games combat.This modern war combat of free games is tottaly amazing.Multiple games missions, offline game modes and amazing levels can increate your interest in Best FPS games 2019 . Destroy all the enemies and make your country safe.

Call of IGI Army Sniper: Counter Terrorist Duty has following features:
- Realistic Call of IGI sniper missions
- Beautiful 3d animations, scenarios
- call of war strike duty
- Realistic sounds, animations
- free shooting games
- Counter terrorist’s missions and multiple advanced combat weapons
- Modern war combat missions
- Encounter the critcal war strike
- Free games to play
- Thrilling and addictive gameplay



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