Functional Flashlight Pro

发行商: Helga Wurth
价格: 免费


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Although the Functional Flashlight Pro is simple in design, it has many functions. Convenient, completely free and funtional is its advantage.You can control it with just one icon,so it is very convenient to use.Its strongest light can illuminate any dark place in your life. We surely think it will become the most useful tool in your mobilephone! Quickly install and use it!

Features of Best flashligh-Super bright flashlight
💖 Modern and Simple Design
Its design is simple, but it looks good. It could make you like it while using it. The simple design lets you know how to operate at a glance, so that you can open it and use it at any time and anywhere.Really a good helper in your life!

💖Can Be Quickly Turn On
When you are walking in the dark, or the house suddenly loses power, you can quickly turn on the flashlight to let you light quickly. Even when you go to a concert, you can quickly open it and make it become a light stick in your hand!

💖Have the brightest light
Enjoy the camera’s LED light,it can emit the most powerful shine, so that no matter where you are, as long as you need it, your phone can become the most brightest torch!

💖Built with SOS signal light
This light not only makes your phone a super bright flashlight, but also saves your life at critical moments! Because it has a SOS signal light, as long as you turn it on in a critical moment, the SOS signal it sends can let people find you quickly!

💖Low energy consumption
Don't worry if you use this app will consume your power. Although it can emit a powerful light, it is actually very low energy. So you don't need to worry too much.

If you find any problems with our application, you can contact us via email. We believe that we will do better with your feedback!



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