Wood Block Puzzle

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Wood Block Puzzle: Crown Collection - The world of funny wooden blocks and the race to collect lots of prestigious crowns is waiting for you to discover. Join now!

Wood Block Puzzle: Crown Collection will captivate you at first sight when you see the simple but extremely beautiful interface, combining gentle sound effects to give you a sense of relaxation when playing. In countless versions of the puzzle, Wood Block Puzzle: Crown Collection deserves to be called because of the unique difference that the game makes, instead of lining up the familiar and boring colorful bricks before, you will experience the game in the world of funny wooden blocks with different shapes.

In particular, Wood Block Puzzle: Crown Collection gives you a race to collect honor crowns after each conquest of challenges with wooden blocks, you will immediately receive yourself a crown corresponding to the score you get at that play turn. Join this challenging race to become the owner of the most prestigious diamond crown in the kingdom of Wood Block Puzzle: Crown Collection.

- Put wooden blocks on the board, fill horizontal or vertical rows, score points and collect crowns
- Do not change the shape of the wooden blocks
- The game will end when there are no vacant positions on the board for the wooden blocks.

- No time limit and no network connection required, you can play it anytime
- Simple rules, easy to play, hard to conquer
- Suitable for players of different ages

Let's download Wood Block Puzzle: Crown Collection now to start the journey to find the most prestigious crown for you in the kingdom of wooden blocks of fun!



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