Call of Free Survival Fire Duty

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Call of Free Survival Fire Duty is finally available on mobile. Experience battlegrounds of war, and answer your call of duty to save the nation from destruction. Call of Free Survival Fire Duty also features online battle royale mode to feed your hunger for action on the battlegrounds as other players freely fire on you with their sniper rifles, assault rifles, AR 15, Hand guns and grenades. Aim to shoot down enemy and terrorist forces, and counter their actions on the battlegrounds. Call of Free Survival Fire Duty is a free to play offline 3D FPS shooter game.

Call of Free Survival Fire Duty is the only game that offers the ultimate shooting experience that takes lesser amount of space on your mobile, and can work smoothly on low end mobile devices. Answering your call of duty towards your motherland comes with a price, and that price can only be repaid through your ultimate sacrifice. With an iron will of survival, no free firing enemy can stand in your way as you claim your victory on these ruthless battlegrounds.

Call of Free Survival Fire Duty features fast paced action and battle royale matches that can fit upto 60 players on the map at any given time. So when your duty calls, will you be able to heed it and strike back with all your might and force. Avenge the fallen heroes, and all the fighters that fought along the frontlines of the unknown battlegrounds.

There is only one goal - ambush, snipe, and survive. Show your sniper shooting skills in Call of Free Survival Fire Duty as it lets you arm up with best sniper rifles to offer your the best sniper shooting on mobile. Experience the best fps shooting and world war missions while you stand up when your duty calls. Step into the survival battleground world war, and use modern weapons, sniper guns and other world war shooting battlefield weapons.

Ca you follow the rules of shooting & survival to win the epic fire legends fantasy fight? Become the battleground's hero and a sniper shooter in this fire super storm adventure. This Fps modern shooter 3D game offers the best shooting experience on your mobile.

Call of Free Survival Fire Duty features:

Huge real world map
Challenging impossible missions
Free firing battleground map
Unknown battlegrounds survival experience
3D Graphics
Smooth controls.



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