Ultimate Bus Driving - 3D Driver Simulator 2019

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With over 1M installs, Games2win who brought you the super hit car games “Driving Academy”, “Driving Academy 2” and “Parking Frenzy” has done it once again.

We are proud to present -
🔥🚍Ultimate Bus Driving - 3D Driver Simulator 2019🚍🔥

Are you ready? It’s gonna make you thrilled!

Take a journey through the roads and test your driving skills! Play our realistic physics and mechanics simulator and become an experienced bus driver with the comfort of your own mobile, Enjoy maneuvering your bus around the bustling city and highways, collect coins and win stars by improving your skills and finishing chapters.

🔥🚍How good are your parking skills? Can you pass all levels without damaging your bus? Download Ultimate Bus Driving - 3D Driver Simulator 2019 now and let’s see what you’ve got!!!!🚍🔥

🚌 Wide and diverse range of buses: city bus, school bus, police bus, party bus, shuttle bus, and more!
🚌 80 Levels of driving simulator experience
🚌 Pick up passengers!
🚌 Free Drive Mode
🚌 Collect coins and win medals
🚌 Realistic driving physics and mechanics
🚌 A wide open world to explore
🚌 Multiple parking missions
🚌 Now available in 8 new languages - French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Indonesian and Turkish!

🔥🚍Impress all your friends with high-level driving skills. Download Ultimate Bus Driving - 3D Driver Simulator 2019 now and become the ultimate driver!🚍🔥

Collect coins and medals
Earn at least a bronze by finishing all 10 levels in order to complete each chapter. By playing and improving your skills you’ll be awarded coins and XP, which can then be used to unlock new buses and chapters. By default, only the first chapter will be unlocked. Gain XP and coins in order to unlock all chapters and buses!

🔥🚍Set yourself free! Download Ultimate Bus Driving - 3D Driver Simulator 2019 now and enjoy our free drive mode!🚍🔥

Realistic Driving Simulator Experience
Operating the bus by itself is a simple task that anyone can learn quite quickly, but driving and parking the bus perfectly in a quick and safe manner is more difficult than it may seem. Take your vehicle for a ride through the countryside and the long highways, pick up passengers and drive them to their desired destination, and don’t forget to enjoy the view :)

A game for all
With zero violence and risk, this fun driving simulator can be safely enjoyed by everyone! Learn driving easily with simple controls and realistic driving physics.

🔥🚍Are you still here? What are you waiting for?! Download Ultimate Bus Driving - 3D Driver Simulator 2019 now and may the driving begin!🚍🔥

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Minimum Requirement :
2GB RAM | Android 4.0 or later | Device powered by an ARMv7 (Cortex family) CPU | GPU support for OpenGLES 2.0 is recommended

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