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Zeus Card

发行商: GameVui Dev
价格: 免费


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Zeus Card - The new card game, but familiar with many players around the world. With its fast, fun and exciting gameplay, this board game will quickly be loved!

This card game is a completely new version, extremely attractive. With beautiful and colorful design, players will be quickly attracted and love this game.

If you want to win, try to catch Zeus if you can!

- This card game can be played from 2-4 player. The game is played turn clockwise.
- At the beginning of the round, each player will receive 4 cards. When it is your turn, you can play 1 card:
* If you play a NUMBER card, the points on the card will be added to the TOTAL (At the beginning of the game, TOTAL = 0). For example: Total is “25”, you play a “6”, now the Total is “31”.
* If you play a GOD card, perform the action written on the card.
- End of your turn by drawing 1 new card from the deck.
- When you make the TOTAL is added up to multiple to 10 (10,20,…100) by playing the NUMBER card or performing the action of the GOD card, you will have right to steal and keep the ZEUS STATUE for you.
- The round ends when:
* The TOTAL equal or exceed 100.
* The deck runs out even if the TOTAL doesn’t reach 100.
- At this time, the player who already keep the ZEUS STATUE will win the round.
- Whoever wins the round gets the letter of the word Z-E-U-S. The player who collects all the letters will win the game.
* Special Rule *
- Any time an opponent plays a number card that matches a number card in your hand, you may immediately play that card and steal Zeus.
- The round continues to the next player, skipping over any player who should have had a turn before you.

- 100% FREE.
- No need to connect to Internet / Wifi.
- Gameplay simple, close.
- Beautiful interface, professional design.
- Extremely fun, effective stress relief game.
- Suitable for all ages.

Zeus Card game is extremely simple, easy to grasp, fast and extremely fun, suitable for all ages. Zeus Card is a game that will bring players entertaining and relaxing moments. Help players relax, release stress after a period of work, study stress.
Play this game wherever you are, no need to worry about Wifi Internet connection.

Download and Have fun with playing Zeus Card!


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