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Mythical Hearts: Romance you Choose

发行商: Genius Inc
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买


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Life hits rock-bottom when you lose your job and apartment in one day! But after a series of events lead you to three handsome, mystical strangers, it almost seems like fate. You're shocked to discover these aren't ordinary guys -- they're a griffin, phoenix, and unicorn in disguise, and they need your help!

Comedy and adventure ensue as you try to help your new friends navigate the human world and see their missions through. But what happens when you start to fall for them along the way? Choose your own legendary love story in Mythical Hearts!


◇The Cocky Griffin - Griff◇

Griff is the President of your new company and a capable leader. His straightforward and critical attitude makes him difficult to handle, but employees and business partners alike respect him. Nevertheless, Griff harbors negative sentiments towards humans after his race's greatest treasure was stolen. Can you convince Griff that these preconceived notions are wrong and help him trust again?

◇The Boyish Phoenix - Fay◇

Fay may be a little absent-minded and clueless about the human world, but he's fiercely protective of his friends and eager to learn. Fay wants to prove himself, but his kind heart often lands him in trouble! Will you be the one who teaches him how to love and be loved?

◇The Cryptic Unicorn - Nicola◇

No one can see past Nicola's cool, mysterious smile. He keeps to himself and always maintains a calm demeanor, but at night, you hear him cry out as shadows of a terrible past threaten his present. Can you reach Nicola's sensitive soul and show him it's okay to embrace his true emotions?


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