The Pet Doctor's Secret : Romance Otome Game

发行商: Genius Inc
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Discover your true love in this unique Romance Otome Game from Genius Inc!


Life in college was pretty normal until one day, your cat gets sick and you have to take it to the nearby animal hospital. They’re not able to figure out what’s wrong, but they recommend you take your cat to the hospital that’s rumored to be able to cure anything. Two extremely handsome doctors and an energetic receptionist seem to be the only staff, but miraculously, they’re able to help your cat in no time! You decide to take up a part-time job at the hospital, but there’s just one rule… Never peak into the operating room while they’re at work!

But one night, you accidentally walk in on them in the operating room and discover their secret. They’ve got ears and tails! It seems their secret was that they could talk to the animals because they’re part animal themselves! Now that you know their secret, you decide to help them solve all kinds of pet issues, but will you be able to solve the mysteries of their hearts?


The Alpha Wolf - Miguel

This doctor is part-wolf and can be harsh with his words, but he has a deep love for animals and will do anything he can to help them. He doesn’t fully trust humans and isn’t fond of their practice of “buying” animals. Will you be able to help him overcome his mistrust of humans…?

The Calm Fox - Jaxon

Jaxon is part-fox and is also a doctor at the hospital. Generally calm and mature, he is deeply intrigued by human behavior and is always studying them in hopes of fully understanding. But will you be able to help him understand the human emotion of love…?

The Friendly Cat - Ash

Ash is the receptionist at the hospital and though he seems friendly and laid-back on the surface, he actually struggles with being part-cat. He wishes that he could be fully human, but will you be able to help him discover pride in his uniqueness?



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