Making the Perfect Wedding : Romance Otome Game

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You are a strong, independent woman who plans weddings for the rich and famous.You love your job, except for the fact that male clients are constantly flirting with you. Uncomfortable encounters with men have left you skeptical about the idea of romance. One day, you receive a request from your ailing sister: “I want to see your wedding.” You have no intention of falling in love, but you also want to make your sister happy…

As an expert on wedding planning, faking your own wedding shouldn’t be a difficult task… except that you don’t have a partner! Will you rely on the men around you to create a successful wedding?

♠ Michael
Your boss, Michael, has a strong sense of responsibility and it is clear he prioritizes his work over his personal life. He seems disinterested and always keeps a professional attitude, but there could be more to him than meets the eye…

♠ Nick
Nick is your coworker who specializes in photography. He is street-smart and produces good results at work. Because he is kind and a smooth talker, you fear that he may be a bit of a playboy— but unlike your clients, he does not try to make a pass at you. That’s a good thing… right?

♠ Jamie
The young owner of a famous tuxedo shop, you see Jamie around your workplace frequently. He is a skilled businessman, but you hear constant rumors about his affairs with multiple women. You and Jamie seem to be very different types of people, but you could have more in common than you think…



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