Drive Mazda RX-8 Drift Simulator

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This is the new driving simulator mobile free game to stunt driving and racing fast cars in the streets of the city or in the desert. With this Mazda RX-8 fast sport coupe car simulator game you have an opinion to drive the most furious sports cars, race on different tracks at top speed or stunt jump on the asphalt ramps. Enjoy realistic driving with bmw M5 E60 fast sport car.

Modify your Mazda RX-8 fast coupe car with different customization options.
Also you can feel free to make a trip in a huge city and enjoy the ride inside the Mazda RX-8 fast car. There is the large area where you can make a drift score. You can push the limits of vehicle and driving here. Show your driving skills on the dangerous road with stunt elements. Realistic vehicle controls, and the driving physics. If you want to be the fastest we have included the nitro modification. The game includes different modes of driving Mazda RX-8 car.

Here is some features of the Mazda RX-8 fast car driving game:

Racing, arcade, drift options
ABS, ESP and TCS as driving assistants
Different huge cities and desert maps
Realistic traffic and traffic rules
Realistic HD graphics and real engine sounds
Different control settings
Different camera types
Realistic car physics and simulation
Great UI buttons and indicators
No time limits
Endless play
Nitro Mode
Optimized for low-end devices

We are waiting for your feedback and comments. Have fun driving the fastest cars with our drive&racing simulator games.

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