Dreams - Spara till dina drömmar, enkelt & gratis.

发行商: Dreams Nordic AB
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Dreams is the new way to save!

Finally a fun, simple, scientific, safe, and secure savings app – that works. We’ve got solid proof that people save more with Dreams than they ever did before. How? We watch their dreams come true – already 400,000 and counting! Hop on board and transform your hopes into realities.

Save on your own or with friends and family. And collect interest on all your savings. The catch? You have to be at least 18 years old. And Sweden-based users need a Swedish bank account. Norway-based users need a Norwegian debit card.

Got a dream? Let’s make it happen!

Five easy steps

  • Download Dreams for free. Register with your phone number.

  • Connect a payment method to create a Dreams account. (With double encryption and deposit guarantee, it’s as safe as at your regular bank.)
  • Create a dream – on your own or in a group – with friends, lovers, family, colleagues. Who and what is up to you! A new house? A week away from it all? Those amazing red shoes? You decide the amount and time span.
  • Pick your save hacks, fun and simple ways to transform mindless spending into real savings.
  • Choose how much you want to transfer to your Dreams account. And exactly when – every day, once a week, each month, or on the fly.

Your dreams matter. We’re here to help you reach them.



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