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Cashback is the first peer-to-peer system where you can find your cash from people around you. It is one of the fastest growing fintech platforms in Nigeria.
We provide easy access to cash. You no longer need to go the distance to ATMs, or other mediums just to withdraw your money. We help you find cash nearby from the comfort of where you are. It's not a lending platform. It's easier access to your own cash. We use a wallet system for our transactions.

In need of cash? that's easy! you can now find cash nearby. All you have to do is put the amount of money you want to withdraw and search. And guess what - you can even get cash from your favorite vendor, Amazing Yeah?

This allows you provide money to people around you at a fixed profit. Think of it as a way to bank your cash in hand and earn more for that.

This affords you to transfer money in between wallets, it also allows you make payments for just 10 Naira.
You can send money to people via phone numbers, It's so simple yet secure.

Benefits of using Cashback

1. Remembering your account number just got simpler as we don't use numbers that take you weeks to memorise. Your cashback wallet account number is your own phone number - now that's easier to remember.
2. You could withdraw as low as 200 Naira instantly, so no more having below N500 in your bank account and not knowing how to use it.
3. You can find cash nearby within a 10 mins walking distance from where you are.
4. You can provide cash to people for a fixed profit of 40 Naira in form of Cashback coins which can be converted to cash instantly right within the app.
5. Funding your wallet is even more convenient with so many options to choose from.
6. Withdrawal of your cash from your wallet to your registered bank account is easy, quick and safe.



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