Turtle Granny V2: Horror Scary MOD

发行商: raritarry
价格: 免费


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If you want to have a scary time, play Turtle Granny V2: Horror Scary MOD now and try to escape from the horror house
Find the secrets of the scary neighbor scary Turtle Granny . This is a horror game mod. In the game, you must find all the divisions to open the lock door.
You must find a way out of the scary Turtle house, you'll have to use all the tools you have on hand to complete the puzzle and unlock the door to find the key hidden somewhere in the structure that will help you get out of here.
With Barbi Turtle granny scary game mod horror, the horror house before encountering a very scary sponge stepmother with a baseball bat in hand.
The Turtle granny's door is locked and you need to find a way out in 5 days. You must try to escape from scary Turtle rich house house, but be careful and silent.
Some people have heard screams from the inside the branny fnaf house. Insurance Evil scary Turtle loan lady car is an new expert in black assure bug magic. She has kept mortgage miraculous souls of the people in different objects. Your aim is to release these scary barbie souls. You need to find attorney to all souls inside granny house credit mod and make sure granny Turtle branny super lady does not lawyer you. Otherwise you will suffer and donate the same.

Features of Devil Turtle Granny V2: Horror Scary MOD :
- High Quality 3D Graphics!
- Amazing Sounds!
- Smooth and Easy Controls!
- Interesting activities!
- Direction map and Hints!
- Addictive



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