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Ragnarok M : Eternal Love(ROM)

发行商: Gravity Interactive Inc.
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买


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Dear adventurers:

We are going to enter a new chapter! In this brand new update, we will travel to an unknown area, the “Asgard”. There will be more content for you to explore: new stories, new maps, and of course the new 4th job Ascendancy —— a completely new feature to advance your characters.

EP7.0 “Luoyang” is now available. Let’s protect the origin and evolve!

- New view angles, more graphic improvements, and 3D experiences!
You will be able to play the game with any angle you want and catch more detail of the stories. There will be more character details, more emotions, customizations, and most importantly more skill effects.
- New 4th-job Ascendancy, the origin job advance
The 4th-job Ascendancy will be available to all the classes. Adventurers can try out all the combinations of skills, equipment, and party play.
- Journey of adventure
The game makes multiple linear storylines into puzzle pieces. Adventurers can explore the glorious history of Rune Midgarts anyway they wanted without any level requirement.
- More Game Play, Less Chores
Ranked 6v6 competition, Battle of Cake, Thanatos Tower, Echoing Corridor, Rich Content, Reduce the Chores, and New Daily.


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74259 条评价

Update: bad game dont get into it. Game constantly has bugs the devs dont care to fix unless it somehow gets in the way of them making money. The translations are so poorly done it looks worse than google translate. They dont even bother to fix it if its not even translated sometimes. There are tons of bots and hackers and they dont care. The devs have given up on this game long ago and are just milking people until the new ragnarok game is out. Be warned. Do not play this game.




When I began playing 1.5 years ago, I could have said this was the *best* mobile game. In that time, customer service degrades players, you don't need to actually play the game anymore, because you can purchase whatever it takes. Their gacha (for costumes) is nothing but a gambling scam. The devs police the game, more than the improve bug issues. This is the most unwelcoming game, there are more rules about what you can't do, decreased CT, and poor drop rates. The game **was** the best.


Terrible eternal pay to win auction house garbage shut your server down it's horrible you people are laundering money virtually.


Every mechanic in this game is some form of "legal" gambling, be it with in-game currency or Real Life money. Stay away if you have a gambling problem or just hate the "Gachafication" of every aspect of human interaction.


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