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Librain: Schulte Table

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The Schulte table is a unique exercise that is the basis for teaching speed reading. Classes with tables are aimed at developing attention, concentration and memory (involves visual memory).

Originally created as a psychological test for studying the properties of attention, but in the course of experiments it was found to have a positive effect on the cognitive abilities of the subjects. Since then, various variations of the Schulte table have been used in education as effective brain exercises.

Librain is the best app to train your memory, attention and concentration. Especially for you prepared a training course to help unlock the full potential of the brain. By following the instructions you will feel the results in the first week of training.

Schulte worksheets: speed reading

Every year there are one million new books published worldwide. It is not humanly possible to read all the literature that comes out. Even if you take into account highly appreciated works, it is hard enough to do. And this is where speed reading comes in. Thanks to this skill you can spend much less time on reading books and can assimilate more information. Speed reading is an indispensable tool in today's world. The Librain app will help you increase your reading speed by several times in the first month of training. Speed reading needs to be developed for adults and children.

Schulte table: developing your memory

Memory, like most functions of the body, begins to degenerate in the absence of training. Developing memory helps to avoid the aging process of the brain. Clear instructions are written in the appendix on how to use the training programs with worksheets to train visual memory. Visual memory allows you to retain and accurately reproduce information about objects you see.

Schulte Table: Concentration

Concentration and focus are key skills for successful people. Developing attention helps when driving a car or boxing sparring to stay focused and react quickly to changing situations. Concentration is at its most toned during table sessions.


Among other things, the Schulte Table has proven to be the most useful training for the brain, logic and intellect. It is also used as an eye gymnastics. The app simplifies the training process by presenting it in the form of a game. The application contains a variety of training programs based on the Schulte table from the best experts.


Track your results and share them with friends. Compare passing times with other users to maximize the effectiveness of training.

Develop your memory and attention span at any age, so it's important to start as early as possible. You need to improve your reading speed from a young age. The Librain app is designed for kids ages 3 and up. Brain training will help in work and education, increase your attention in everyday tasks.


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