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🔮 The Best Oracle and Fortune Teller App that contains 6 Oracle in 1 🔮

Oraculum is a free Oracle and Crystal Ball application in English, very complete and easy to use designed by It is available for all android devices both mobile and tablets.

Its running is simple:

1º You choose among the 6 types of Free Oracle that we have per your preference.
2º Concentrate and touch the Magic Crystal Ball to know your prediction.
3º Find out what the Oracle has to tell you.

✨5 Advantages aboutWhy use the “Oraculum” App?✨

6 Unique Oracles in 1 App

1. 🔮 Classic Oracle - For lovers of the classic oracle. Touch the magic crystal ball and discover today's general prediction.

2. ⚖️ Oracle Yes or No - Do you have any questions or questions and want a short answer? Ask your question to the oracle and he will answer yes or no. Remember, only the first answer to the same question is the real one. Don't try to fool fate ;)

3. 🤔 Oracle of Decisions - Not sure what decision to make between several options? Ask the Oracle, indicate the possible alternatives and the Oracle will decide which is the best decision for you.

4. ❤️ Love Oracle - The Ball of Love Clairvoyance is ready to tell you about your love status and what it can bring you: new love, finding a partner, happiness with your boyfriend or girlfriend, breakup, separation ...

5. 💲💲 Money Oracle - If you want to know how you will do in economic and monetary matters. The Crystal Ball of Money has a prediction to give you every day about work, money or studies.

6. 🍎 Health Oracle - Health is the most important thing! The crystal ball and clairvoyance will give you a daily prediction about health.

🏆 Trophies and Achievements. Become a Legend!
Get all the trophies to be a legend in the Oracle! Choose your Avatar, gain experience acquiring achievements and unlock the 6 Gems.

It's FREE!
The Oraculum app is completely free and in English.

Easy to use, Fast and 100% Safe!
The Oraculum app is optimized and tested by professionals so that the user experience is outstanding. If you had any problem, error or bug when using it, please write to and we will do our best to help you.

Share your oracle prediction on Twitter, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram or Whatsapp with all your acquaintances, friends and family.

Please, if you liked the App, leave us your “feedback”: a message, a review and / or the score you think we deserve. It will help us a lot to keep growing. Thank you very much and we hope you enjoy our Oracle app! :)

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