Modern Commando Combat Versus: New Shooting Games

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Blu Games presents you with an action packed, multi role FPS shooter game. It takes the players through the epic battles indian Armed Forces and Law enforcement agencies like indian surgical strike game have fought.

Militants are expanding their territory in his country with the help of external forces. They are trying to destabilize the country environment but there is one thing they should be scared of, "Patriotism of The Indian Armed Forces".
Army Gun Strike Shootig Game
In this Critical Strike: Counter Terrorist Online FPS Games, you will be part of an elite military force fighting at the front lineslike as fps commando mission. Get ready to take the challenge army survival attack and jump into army tank to action adventure military game lite that will take you behind enemy lines into the commando player unknown IGI battlefield of the century.
You are a brave militry solidier and take different roles on the war games IGI unknown battlefield, pilot mig 21 helicopters and eliminate all hostile threats in this border army war thrilling Delta Critical Strike: army gun strike shooting FPS Games.

The Glorious Journey To Peace - Free FPS Sniper Critical Strike Game of indian Armed Forces with key features as following:

◉ Multiple role Latest and best Delta FPS Shooting game for peace.
◉ HD quality modern graphics with easy guns controls.
◉ Best Android 3D game ever with Powerful military weapons including machine guns, sniper guns, assult guns, sub-machine guns, shotguns, sniper rifles and pistols.
◉ Use of border army force and clear all the civillian border area.
◉ Realistic 3D army game play including strict rules of engagement.
◉ Use sniper gun strikes, smoke grenades and air Critical Strikes against militants.

The Glorious Journey To Peace - Free FPS Sniper Delta Army Guard Games
◉ Marcos para commandos
◉ Garud commando force
◉ National security guard or black cats
◉ Operation Surprise Attack LoC



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