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Era of Celestials

发行商: GTarcade
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买


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The enemy army have marched all the way to the gate of the last bastion. The Celestials looked to their greatest champions. Answer the call and embark on the Path of Vanquisher! Fight for the glory!

Smooth control, smart blow feedback, realistic sounds, and stunning visuals with splendid special animation effects and detailed 3D graphics integrated to bring an ultimate game experience.

With the unique Elysian Transformation system, courageous heroes can transform into invincible Elysians and mow down murderous enemies. Elysians with different capabilities are waiting to be unsealed in your journey, harness the power of Elysians and use them wisely to face different dilemmas!

In Era of Celestials, sprites are your most loyal protectors. In the heat of battle, they will always be right by your side! Different sprites provide different forms of assistance, and you may switch between them at will, opening up a wealth of strategies to help you overcome any situation.

Era of Celestials contains a bewildering array of spectacular costumes, complete with awesome glow effects. So now there's no excuse not to look your best, even on the battlefield.

From the 1v1 real-time combat of Showdown to the multiplayer brawls of the Sanguine Contest and Lava Expedition, Era of Celestials is filled with action-packed combat and generous spoils for the victors.

The Path of the Vanquisher is paved with amazing equipment, and hunting bosses is the main way of getting equipment and crafting materials in Era of Celestials. Kill world bosses, instance bosses, the evil dragons that show up for limited amounts of time, or any of the many other bosses to earn handsome rewards and send your BR soaring.


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不氪金你玩玩试试,脾气再好人都能给你气出病来。只是告诉看这个评论的人,你是新玩家就别来趟水了。不信你自己花1个星期的时间体会一下试试。 说下游戏Bug问题,1,砸钱不给道具,客服告诉你砸钱的时候自己看着点时间,合理规划。 2,活动正在进行,到最后一天了,砸钱的日子过去该给道具了,游戏更新了,活动不见了,游戏方送了一点哈逼道具,告诉你制作团队有问题,把活动当作Bug修复了。告诉你这个哈逼道具就当作赔偿了,我呸,稀罕你这么点垃圾东西。 3,游戏数据不稳定,战力达到一定数值了,角色人物属性和参数来回的上下跳动,就知道开发新的产品让玩家砸钱,你倒是好好制作游戏脚本,稳定游戏数据啊!! 4,客服或者游戏…


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