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Walkthrough for Toca Life World: Miga Town & City

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Attention: This is not an official Toca life world! You can download a guide for Toca Boca World to ease your way into the game, but you can only play using the official app, which we are not legally affiliated with!

Guide for Toca Boca games
Toca Life: World was released in November 2018-it consolidated all the existing standalone Toca Life world apps into one interconnected universe. It is a relatively new game in the Toca Boca world series of similar games. Not only does it combine all the previous versions of the games, but it also includes new features unique to the Toca Life: City game.

Toca world life
As we said above, this Toca Life apps combines all the previous Bop City games in the series. Several realistic cities like Bop City or Miga Town are waiting for us, each with elements of infrastructure - buildings, apartment buildings, cafes, barbershops and residents of course). You can enjoy the game by doing different things, and there are plenty of places for pranks and games in Toca World.

Toca Life World Store
Money jumps out of the ATM itself, and you can put your purchase in the basket and safely pass through the frame, no one will punish or stop you. And a choice of other characters in the game. Anyone can be tagged in this location.

Miga Town Beauty Salon
Free haircuts and styling. You just come, sit in the chair and the master himself already knows how to "make it beautiful".

Bop City Theater
Try yourself in any role - not only actor, but also director, makeup artist, costume designer or remain a spectator. Musical instruments work and sound, creating compositions for a cultural pastime in the virtual world. Create your own rock band and give the heat in this hole! 💃🏻

Stay at home and go visit your Tоca world life neighbors
Great choice of cozy diy, kind and friendly neighbors. It's just like the real world - water running from the faucet, delicious roasts roasting in the oven, and a fridge full of food.


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