Magic Blocks: Falling Puzzle Dropdom

发行商: HALA Games
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Magic Blocks: Falling Puzzle Dropdom

This is a trending puzzle game recently, a really good puzzle game in recent years. The game’s rule is very simple. Magic Blocks with colorful blocks are being pushed up from the bottom. You need to move one block horizontally to the left or right, if there is a space under it, the magic blow will drop down. While it's falling down to the color block beneath, if they form a solid row (a row without empty space), the row will be exploded and you score up. Some special magic blocks are called Rainbow blocks. When they explode, they will make other color blocks close to its edge exploding together. That's all the rule of this game Magic Blocks: Falling Puzzle Dropdom. Quite simple, right!

But it's not easy to master. Magic Blocks - a falling puzzle game with color jewel blocks - is not easy to get high score. The gem are being pushed continuously from the bottom, and more hard blocks appear. You need to make right decision to slide the jewel blocks to left or right. Where could make a big combo jewel blast ? Slide block to where so all gem crush and clear the stage ? Do you want to be a master of this game - Magic Blocks: Falling Puzzle Dropdom?

Remember the basic rules:

- Move the colorful gem blocks to left or right, when possible
- Make a solid row of jewel and make a big gem crush. Boom!
- Big jewel blast, high combo, high score
- Blocks keep falling, you keep sliding and moving

Are you ready to be master with Magic Blocks: Falling Puzzle Dropdom
? Download it now!

Magic Blocks: Slide Puzzle team from HALA Games



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