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The largest Saudi buying and selling platform (new and used): cars, real estate, electronics, animals ... and others | Download Now

1 - Cars
- Cars:
All types of cars are available, new and used (economical cars ، family cars ، sports cars ، luxury cars ، commercial cars ، transport buses and goods). More than 70 car companies are available in all categories.
- Trucks and heavy equipment:
Tipper, wheel, trucks, car carrier , agricultural equipment, caravan, crane, bulldozer, crusher, Bucklin)
- Spare Parts:
All original and commercial spare parts are available, spare parts, tires and car batteries are available.
- Car Accessories:
Alloy wheels , cars plates, screens, audio system , speakers, lights, seats ... and others.
- Car services:
Car inspection services, car insurance, car transport and shipment ... and other services.

2 - Real Estate
Saudi real estate of all kinds (real estate for sale and rent)
Apartments for rent - villas for rent - building for rent - floors for rent - houses for rent - shops for rent - rest houses for rent
Apartments for sale - Villas for sale - Building for sale - Houses for sale - Farms for sale - Shops to let - Rest houses for sale - Commercial lands for sale.
Any property.

3 - Electronics and appliances market
All electronics, electrical appliances and electronic games available, new or used (mobiles - computers and tablets - headphones - refrigerators - air conditioners ... and others)

4 - Livestock, animals and birds market
Sheep - camel - parrot - pigeons - cats - chickens - goats - horses - dogs - cows - rabbits - hyrax - hamsters - squirrels - ducks - fish and turtles.
All items are available (animals, birds, livestock - carcasses, etc.).

5- Furniture market
Boards & Furniture - Tables & Chairs - Cabinets & Cupboards - Antiques & Decor - Beds & Mattresses - Home Appliances - Office Furniture - Outdoor Furniture.
All types and materials are available (new or used).

6 - Personal Supplies
Children wear - women's wear - men's clothing - eyeglasses - sporting goods - perfumes - watches.

7 - All Haraj
All kinds of other products and services.

What distinguishes Haraj website and application
The ability to browse and view ads without registering in the application.
Registration is free and fast.
Ease and speed of publishing ads (only pictures, publish, and millions will see it).
Ease of communicating with the seller through calls, private messages, or responses to the advertisement.
Ease of searching for cars using the new filters, brand, model, type of fuel, and assignable ads.
The ability to specify the car advertisements published from (individuals) only, and not (car shows).
The ability to browse the application using the maps system and see ads near you.
Activating (follow-up service) in the application that helps you to know the products that you follow once they are added to the site through the smart notifications system .
The ability to view the seller's file, ratings, and the period of joining the site.
The application works in a smart way that helps merchants to promote and sell their products very quickly.
The application works with technology that makes it easy for you to make the appropriate decision, whether buying or selling.
Special store available for you seller with new attractive design
24-hour technical support in customer service.

Statistics about Haraj
Haraj is one of the largest buying and selling applications in Saudi Arabia, as the number of website visitors exceeded:
- More than 50 million visitors monthly
- More than 50 thousand new ads daily

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