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Dark Legend

发行商: CreateFungame
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We present to you a true visual feast with graphics that you can only see on next-generation game consoles! Each class of the three major classes in the game has special talents. How does it feel to summon Ancient Einherjar to dominate the whole battlefield? Our original physical combat simulation system will give you the answer! Come experience fierce fights! Battle with players all over the world and secure your victory!

Log in now to collect deluxe packs, numerous epic equipment, limited-edition Mounts, and cool costumes!

Loki, the evil god, was exiled for tricking and guiding Hodur, the God of Darkness, into killing his own brother Baldr, the God of Light. Loki had harbored resentment against the gods since then, so he conspired with Frost Giants and waged war to overthrow their reign.

Odin, the king of gods, took up the gauntlet. He rallied an allied force of elves, dwarves, giants, gnomes, and the undead to fight Loki's force in the Middle Realm. The war between gods and giants destroyed the prosperous and peaceful homeland of humans. Now, a life-and-death decision lies before us! We humans must rise and fight for our homeland to end the relentless oppression!

The hero's great sword thirsts for blood. Its power awakens as stronger enemies emerge

The adventure is ahead. Our love for this land will surely guide us and bring us a miraculous victory!

***Open World: Explore the mysterious realms
Explore the Continent of Dawn, Night Dungeon, Frozen Mountains, and Gloomy Forest... Hidden challenges await you on the mountain tops and in the dungeons underground. Powerful fallen gods will try to stop you, but you can complete your great journey with the help of multiple game modes including EXP Corridor, Bounty Quests, and roguelike Purgatory.

***Einherjar Reincarnation: Immediate Power Boost
You can summon Ancient Einherjar during battles and gain great power to confront the Dark Forces. In this dark fantasy world, you must eliminate demons, break through the darkness, and create a pure land for mankind!

***Challenge World Boss: Faster Equipment Upgrade
You can acquire epic equipment by eliminating Bosses. Enhancing your Artifacts and Weaponry can help your power grow much faster. Keep that up, and one day you'll rule the server! Wanna give Bosses a hard time? Come experience the thrill of playing and dealing ultimate damage!

***Free Trade: All Equipment and Items Can be Auctioned
You can get equipment and items dropped from monsters and get resources from daily quests. The auction house makes free trade among players possible. In this fantasy world, you can get any equipment you want from the auction house!

***Global Servers: Experience Different PVP Combats
Players from different countries may challenge you. The eye-opening battles of ten thousand players will be your best memories. Battle with players all over the world and fight for your country's glory!

*This game contains tussles, aggressive attacks, and other slightly bloody or horrifying contents.
*The game has a top-up section in the shop. Please spend your money rationally according to your economic capability and do not consume excessively.
*Playing a game for too long could affect your normal daily routine. Please have some rest or exercise when you're tired.

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