Real City Helicopter 3D Traffic Parking Simulator

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Real City helicopter 3D traffic parking simulator free flight is the 2018's latest simulation game that will allow you to play as a real big extreme air space chopper pilot. Like piloting a real advanced flight copter! It's time to fly various futuristic helicopters in the real city environment. If you like fly in metro cities or want to be a good pro pilot, the real super 3d pro helicopter traffic tour is the best game to not only test your piloting skills but to enhance your flying in the sky without fear skills too.

Fly high helicopter city building tour simulator is best game on android, in which you never seen a 3D city flying pro helicopter traffic tour simulator experience as in real city tourist rapid chopper simulator 2018. This 3D air chopper craft designed city truly feels alive this is something you can feel from the pilot seat of your ultimate future jet chopper. Once in the air space you will notice that avoiding the building and skyscrapers in the huge metropolitan can be a harder job than on first sight. Here is new features to fly with ultimate turbo helicopter plane in metropolitan where free ride, perfectly park at the helipad and learn flying skills we have built for this super sky tour chopper simulation 3D game. It’s an ultimate 3d pro copter air flight space route tour to go free roaming around in the city throughout the huge buildings and traffic on roads view where you have to follow the arrows direction and reached the destination safely and in the specified time with city legend helicopter 3d traffic simulator free flight game. But please make sure, you do not hit or crash your real absolute air jet pilot copter with buildings.

The most intense and realistic pro helicopter pilot experience
Different kind of advanced copters flying missions for you to play
Multiple missions and different tasks to play
Realistic feeling of high definition 3D graphics
Amazing and thrilling missions with helicopter.



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