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Red Ball 3: Jump for Love

发行商: HeroCraft Ltd.
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买


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"The best part of Red Ball 3 by far, is the depth and variety of its puzzles." GamePro
"Worth checking out if you're itching for a platformer with a bit more bite." AppSpy
"Red Ball 3 has a solid platforming foundation and lots of cool level ideas..." Slide To Play

Arcade, jumping games, and platformer fans, we need your help! A Red Ball is lost without your sharp wit, lightning-fast reflexes, and excellent skills!

Pink, the love of his life, was kidnapped through force and trickery by an old enemy - the treacherous Black Ball! The dangerous path to our hero's beloved lies through green valleys and ravines, secret caves and rocky rifts, and deserts and volcanoes.
Tireless searching for optimal routes through levels, jumps over bottomless pits, trolley rides and lifts, helicopter flights, and roller coaster races lie ahead. Roll along as a rosy little orb, leap as a bouncy ball, burst as a balloon, and plummet like a rock before starting all over again.
A special prize awaits those heroes that successfully finish their journey through all 20 levels - a chance to choose a new skin! Neat, right?

2D physics platformer
Fans of the 2D platformer genre will appreciate the classic mechanics and balanced physics of Red Ball 3: 3-button controls, object movement, traversal on moving platforms, hidden tunnels, searches for secrets, star collection, and an endless jumping quest in the name of love.

Reflex test
Don't be fooled by the simple art style and minimalistic visuals: the game will prove to be a challenge and give your mind a workout, driving you to wander the platform levels countless times to find the best way to solve all the puzzles, swapping to absolute reflex action and muscle memory, without which you'll never keep up with calculating the correct speed, jump force, and inertia.

For all ages
A short cut-scene with a love story at the start of the game, a cheerful wanderer as a hero that looks a bit like an overgrown vegetable and is literally always on the move, simple visuals, a vibrant soundtrack - these are all things that will appeal to both children and adults.




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