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Hezz2: Moroccan card game

发行商: ADADI
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Hezz2 is a popular Moroccan card game played with spanish cards. It looks like UNO. Its full name is « hez 2 wmatl3bch ».

How to play Hezz2?

• There are four types of cards : Sticks - Cups - Swords - Gold.

• Each type consists of 10 cards numbered from 1 to 7 and from10 to 12.

• You can play between two to four people.

• We start by taking four cards for each player and one card remains in the middle. The game consists of playing a card that is similar to the one in the middle (same type or same number) and placing it . If you do not have any card that meets these criteria, you must take an additional card and then another if necessary, until you obtain a card that is similar to one in the middle.

• If you play a card with the number 1, then the next player will not play. But he can only play if he, also, has a card with number 1, regardless of the type, in this case the next player will not play and so on.

• If you play a card with the number 2, then the next player will not play and will be required to take 2 more cards, unless he has ,also, a card with the number 2, in this case, he will be able to play but the next player will be obliged to take 4 more cards (2 + 2, the sum of the previous additional cards).

• If you play a card whose number is 7, then in this case you have the right to change the type of card as you wish.

• The winner of the game is the one who no longer has a card in their possession.


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