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Sargam - The Best Music Short Video App in India

发行商: Sargam team
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Discover everything musical!

Want more friends and music lovers? With trust by more than 50M users, Sargam is the No.1 music short video network in India. Sargam snares the most beautiful/handsome girls and boys and showcasts their creative talents. Sargam also offers the biggest global and local song catalog. U can find Arijit Singh, Neha Kakkar or your favorite tunes. You can either share your super vocal or perform in an innovative way by exclusive camera flitters and voice editors. Sargam is a talent show stage to see who is the awesome king of voices and performances. Let’s enjoy the world's beats!

+Daily Task
Newly add Daily Task category, with exclusive VIP check-in and other hidden gems. Go and find out!

+Music Short Video
Emotional music videos created by the most beautiful/handsome girls and boys provide a brand new way of understanding music.

+Sing Feature
Sing page provide personalized songbook based on your favourites

+Externalized SID
Check out your unique SID on ME page, use it to search and add friends

New layout of direct message box, find out what your friends are up to!

The Best Music Community
Welcome to our great community of more than 50,000,000 users! Make friends via music. Enjoy the most creative performance, the prettiest girls and boys, the best audio and video from your friends or friends-to-be. Let music be the bridge! There are even competitions for chances to win amazing prizes! Make friends via music and performance! Music can be a better part of our life with friends!


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