HydroWiz - Pipe Flow Hydraulic Calculations

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This application was developed to provide simple on-the-spot calculations to both non-professionals and engineers working with projects involving the flow of fluids through pressurized pipes. The app uses the most accurate and widely accepted formulas for hydraulic analysis. Every formula has been employed with meticulous care and the functionality and accuracy of the program will be continually updated. It calculates pressure loss, flow rate, pipe diameter and pipe length by solving the Darcy-Weisbach equation, the Colebrook-White equation and Bernoulli's equation from simple user input.

For Pressure Loss Calculation - input elevation, flow, diameter and length.
For Flow Rate Calculation - input elevation, pressure, diameter and length.
For Pipe Diameter Calculation - input elevation, pressure, flow and length.
For Pipe Length Calculation - input elevation, pressure, flow and diameter.

The user can select from the following options:

1. Preferred units of measurement in both SI / Metric and US / Imperial units.
2. Pipe roughness coefficients from a wide range of pipe materials.
3. Resistance coefficients from commonly used pipe fittings and valves.
4. Fluid properties from a large range of fluids including fresh water and sea water at different temperatures.

Options 2, 3 and 4 will also accept user specified data.
NOTE: These options are only available with the paid version.

The main calculations (pressure loss, flow rate, pipe diameter and pipe length) are displayed at the top of the screen while all other important calculation results (hydraulic head, friction loss, fittings loss, velocity head, flow velocity, flow type, Reynolds number and friction factor) are displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Note regarding critical flow or transitional flow zone at (2300 < Re < 4000):

It is well recognized that flow within this narrow zone is unpredictable, unstable and not fully understood. The best practice is to design within the laminar flow or turbulent flow zones to avoid potential problems and uncertainty. Any calculation falling inside this zone will be issued with a warning. The calculated results are average values but can vary significantly due to both friction factor and flow instability.

pipe flow hydraulic hydraulics


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