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HotShots Digital Entertainment

发行商: Kenrin Limited
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HotShots is a video-on-demand service that provides premium digital entertainment. HotShots showcases a wide array of original & exclusive short films, hot videos and hot photos - starring some of the hottest models and celebrities from around the world and directed by acclaimed directors from around the world.

With HotShots Digital you get exclusive high-definition quality entertainment. Effortlessly navigate the HotShots Digital App for exclusive short films, videos, photos, and much more that feature some of the hottest beauties you’ve ever seen. Watch all the content in the language of your preference – English.

An exciting feature of the HotShots App is the regular Live Shows performed by some of the hottest models in the world, where you get to chat and interact with models LIVE.

Download our FREE app today for exclusive and original content from around the world!


- Exclusive Content:
Watch a wide variety of exclusive content from around the world. Original films, hot videos, and international documentaries.

- Seamless Streaming:
High-definition videos and short films with an unmatched visual experience that can be streamed on multiple devices.

- Live Shows:
HotShots Live is a live video streaming social interactive feature in the Application. Live talk / chat with Broadcasters / Artists and make friends and fans.
You can watch live video from Artists all over the world like India, USA, UK and more. You can join Hotshots Live from anywhere in the world and be a part of the Live Videos Fun and enjoy the live interaction. Anyone can show his or her special talent among your friends and the world and become famous. Singing, dancing, eating, chatting, traveling and gaming can be shown to anyone.

HotShots Live - Special and Unique Features:

Safe environment and clean content
HotShots Live creates a safe environment where our users, male and female, can feel safe and not be harassed or abused. HotShots Live employs a 24 hour, monitoring service and strict content filtering to enforce our rules and make sure that people can and above all, HAVE FUN.

Live Video Streams, Chat and Interact
Watch live video streams and join an Artists’s stream, watch their broadcast and chat, and interact with them and others from around the world.

Impressive Gifts
Show your appreciation by sending Artists (Broadcasters) virtual gifts. There are lots of cool gifts to send, of different sizes.

Achieve your dreams and support yourself
Our Artists can go online and fund their dreams by showcasing their talents. Thousands of people, especially women, have found a way to support themselves and their families using our app. We are very proud of them and want all our users to see Hotshots Live as a great platform to showcase your skills.

Go live and become famous.
Live video streaming. Show Skills, Live Songs, dance, etc.
Earn Gifts from your fans by showing your skills to your followers and fans.
If you have it in you to become an online broadcaster please send us your details at or visit our website for more details.

YouTube: https://

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Official Website:
Give us your reviews/suggestions and help us to improve our services by writing to

This mobile application is intended for entertainment purposes only. The developers state that the Google Play Store is a platform for the application and the Google Play Store won't be held liable/ responsible for any claims, losses, technical issues that shall arise within/from the application.


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