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LeShop.ch is happy to welcome you to the leading Swiss pocket supermarket! With this application, specially developed for Android, you can do your shopping from anywhere at any time. Shop for groceries from your couch or on the move and choose between 12’000 Migros products, fresh products, branded articles and even wine! You can either have your groceries delivered or collect them at one of the PickMup points.

This application is user-friendly and simple. You can do your whole shopping offline but you need to be connected to send your order. The browsing is fluid and rapid; it is quite simply the most convenient way to shop for groceries on the move.

- Perfect synchronisation between your Android and the website: the products in your basket can be saved by syncing, even if you interrupt your purchases. When you connect to the website www.LeShop.ch after shopping and then syncing on Android, your Android basket can be recovered. You can, for instance, shop with your Android in the train and send the order from your PC at home or at the office or inversely.
- Shopping lists: they can be used both on the Internet and on the mobile. You can also create new lists or change lists.
- Payment: you can securely pay by credit card or billing (but not via PostFinance) on your smartphone.
- Scanning of the products: scan the bar code of a product and then simply add it to your shopping basket.
- Scanning of the Cumulus vouchers: scan the bar code of your Cumulus vouchers in order to credit the corresponding amount to your customer account.

- If you are already a LeShop.ch customer, you can log in with your usual login name and password.
- Payment method / delivery address: please enter a payment method and delivery address in your customer account at www.LeShop.ch if you haven't done it yet.

- You may use the Migros Login to Login as a login option
- When you link the CUMULUS card in the onboarding process, you have access to your favourite products in the profile. Which saves time filling up the first basket.

English, French, German

Visit our FAQ pages in
- German: info.leshop.ch/de/faq
- French: info.leshop.ch/fr/faq

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