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IMEI Community is A Global Society for Mobile phone owners to fight against Mobile phone theft as well as facilitating recovery of lost and found phones back to owner. Everyone with a mobile phone on earth deserves to download IMEI Community App to become IMEI Community member and join Global efforts. If most people with mobile phone become Royal members of IMEI Community then it will take very short time to get significant drop in Moble phone theft across the world.

IMEI COMMUNITY APP will do main FIVE (5) things for you:
1. Secure your mobile phone using IMEI (And other parameters) before it gets stolen so that you may use the same IMEI (And other parameters) to recover it back once it get lost/stolen.
2. Report your stolen mobile phone if you know its IMEI (And other parameters) so that it should be public in the world to facillitate recovery back to you.
3. Frequently check lost and found online STATUS report of your reported stolen mobile phone. The report will indicate: Country, State/Region, location, name and contact number of a person with your mobile phone.
4. Be aware not to use, sell or buy stolen and smuggled mobile phones that have been publicised by other IMEI Community members in the world , something that may ruin your reputation in case you are charged with such offence of engaging in smuggled mobile phones.
5. Be part and parcel of all stake holders in the world who are also fighting against Moble phone theft and other related fraudulent activities. In other words if you are not part of IMEI Community then you are facilitating Mobile phone theft in one way or another because if you are not aware of stolen and smuggled mobile phones that come across you, that means you can use, buy or sell them. In the other hand you can not report/publicise your stolen mobile phone because you don't know how to do it if you are not Member of IMEI Community.

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