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Tu Foto con los Reyes Magos – Selfies de Navidad

发行商: Impega Aplicaciones
价格: 免费


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Ho Ho Ho! Have fun during these Christmas holidays with this new app of their Majesties the wise men of the East and surprise your friends, family or colleagues at work or class with these fun images. Make yourself a selfi or self with your family on Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve! They will be images of much laughter!

This app is very useful also for parents at Christmas to make children believe that you have been with Christmas magi, that you have told them that you are being a good boy or a good girl and that they will bring you many gifts and no charcoal. If you are more of kings than of Santa Claus this is your app. Congratulate the Christmas of the next years after 2020 ...

Celebrate Christmas with original Merry Christmas cards with the most typical Christmas picture. SSMM the wise men of the East, appear in different positions and attitudes so that you find the option you want. Keep it on your phone for 2021 and later. Some funny photos to hallucinate and make your friends laugh. Choose images from the image gallery or take a photo, then insert a Melchior, Gaspar or Baltasar sticker on that image, it's a result: some funny images or a selfie to break out laughing and share on wasap, or whatever device you have on your cellphone.

Do not wait any longer and download the app for free !! And may the wise men be nice and bring you many gifts!

LEGAL NOTE: All the images in this application have been made expressly for her and they have all their rights reserved. For the background images, we have used public domain images of the Internet, since they are not identified by symbols or other information that indicates the existence of exploitation rights reserved on them.
Any natural or legal person that was the owner of any of the images contained in it, can prove it by means of an email addressed to the developer, committing ourselves to the immediate withdrawal of said image once it has been verified, as the case may be, the ownership of the image protected.


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