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2019-11-29 — 2019-11-30
Thanksgiving, thank you for your support. We have launched a loan with 0 interest rate and 0 fee. It is limited to 2 days and the quota is limited to 2000 people.

Download and install the application operation application. During the application process, you can give you a comprehensive evaluation score through your “work situation”. By assessing the score and reviewing the amount of the loan, the loan amount will change according to the scoring standard. Whether you are an emergency, tourism funds, student subsidies, consumer shopping, etc., you can solve the problem of funds.

* Keep your information safe and private

* Repayment is normal, improve user level and increase loan quota

* Apply for submission, review on the same day, release on the same day

How to apply?

You need to download the application on google play, and register by your mobile phone number. You need to use your ID card, living identification, work certificate, bank card information and other related information to apply for the application. On the same day, the money will be deposited into the bank account.

How to improve user level? How to increase the loan amount?

Your user level is related to your loan amount. First, the loan you want will be repaid on time. When your repayments are repaid within the time limit, your user level will increase accordingly. When you borrow again, Your level will be upgraded and your loan amount will be increased.

In the process of using, you will get your address book information, mainly for the convenience of filling in the contacts, directly in the address book to add, please don't worry about security issues.

Application conditions

Minimum age 18 to 45 years old

Hold relevant proof of work

Indian citizen holding an identity card

Holding a bank account

What can Flexi Money offer?

loan amount:Rs.2,000 - Rs.10,000

Permanent period: 91 days.

Service fees :13%

Maximum annual interest rate:24%

Daily interest rate:0.657‰

For Example:

Borrowing Rs.2000

Service fees :Rs.260 (2000×13%=260)

Daily interest:Rs.1.32 (2000×0.657‰=1.32)

Address : Tin Factory, 78 Old Madras Road Mahadevapura, next to KR Puram, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560016, India


Meet your funding needs with the fastest speed.

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