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发行商: ING Bank N.V., Manila Branch
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Banking shouldn't get in the way of your life. That's why ING makes banking so easy so you can live your life uninterrupted.

Banking anytime, anywhere
· Fully digital process - No lines. No forms. No fees. Open an account via our mobile app in 10 minutes.
· 24/7 customer service - No banking hours. Our customer care agents are available all year round.

Maximize your savings

· High interest rates - No catch, no lock-in period. Get higher interest rates when you save with us.

· Made for everyone - No minimum amount to open, no maintaining balance.

Banking is easy

· Mobile check deposit - No need to queue. Just take a photo of your check to deposit it.

· Digital ways to fund – Fund your ING account by transferring from other banks via PESONet and InstaPay.

· Free money transfer - It only takes a few clicks to transfer money to other banks via PESONet for FREE.

And here are more reasons to believe:

· 28 years in the Philippines- we were the first foreign bank to receive universal banking license in the Philippines and have been offering wholesale banking services since 1990.

· World's best bank- we were awarded Best Bank in the World in 2017 by Global Finance magazine.

· Innovator in banking - we created branchless banking in 1997. Today, we are a leader in digital banking.

· Trusted by many - we're present in 40+ countries and now have more than 38 million customers.

Relax. You are safe.

ING takes the security of your information and money very seriously. We use technological, organizational, and physical security measures to ensure a high level of protection for your information and money.

As a proud member of PDIC your deposit is insured to a maximum of PHP 500,000.

Need help?
For any questions, you may contact us via our email

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Visit our website:
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