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The Integriti Mobile App packs a powerful punch of accessibility and control for your Integriti security and access control system. With the tap of a finger, this innovative App allows remote operation of your Integriti system from anywhere in the world!

Integriti Mobile has been designed with ease of use in mind, focusing on intuitive navigation and a rich graphical interface. Features of the App include:

• Connect to a Controller using the free Inner Range SkyTunnel service for easy connectivity or connect to a Controller or Server by specifying the relevant IP address

• Monitoring and control of Areas, Doors, Inputs, Auxiliaries, Auxiliary Lists, Action Lists and Automated Tasks

• Creation of background maps with icon/widget overlays

• A range of widget icons are built-in

• View live and historic system events (access granted, alarms etc)

• In-built help at each screen displays useful information relevant to the screen you are currently viewing

• Advanced timing control of Doors and Auxiliaries

• Can define multiple system configurations

• A whole lot more!

Integriti Mobile supports multiple App operators - share the same Android phone/tablet amongst friends and colleagues with individual login’s to display personalized maps, widgets and settings. Furthermore, sophisticated security measures ensure that an App operator must also exist in the Controller or Server they wish to connect to. App operators can only view objects according to the permissions of the matching user. The end result is a state of the art secure and flexible solution for remote control.

Whatever your schedule, the Integriti Mobile App empowers you to take charge of your security system wherever you are.

Please Note: Since Integriti version 20 was released in May 2020, the Integriti Mobile App no longer requires an Integriti controller license or Integriti software license. It's now license free!


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