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bmath - Mathematics Games for Kids & Families

发行商: InnovaMat Education
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Download the app that will make them learn and have fun with math! The leading app in schools in Spain is now also available at home.

The most effective way for children to improve in math through play.

Bmath is designed by doctors who are experts in mathematical teaching and pedagogy to improve the learning and motivation of elementary school children between the ages of 3 and 12.

Whether your goal is for your son or daughter to review, improve or expand in math, our smart algorithm will give you the problems that best suit you.

Exclusive Contents
★ Solve problems: Face challenges where to apply everything learned in math.
★ Practice Exercises: More than +400 educational games of addition, subtraction with carried, Roman numerals, divided, volumes, turns ... Work with Montessori.
★ Learn with tutorials: Dozens of videos that teach how to perform the main operations, geometry theory, memorize multiplication tables.
★ Build your own world: Unlock characters, exclusive buildings and free prizes.
and much more...

Mathematics areas:
★ Numbering: Counting, number writing, decimal system, Montessori, Roman numerals ...
★ Calculation: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, carried ...
★ Geometry: Figures, Angles, polygons, triangles, sides, volumes ...
★ Measurement: Lengths, weights, units of measure ...
★ Statistics and chance: Probability, tables, rule of 3, fractions ...
★ Algebra: Series, patterns, functions, coordinate systems ...

Mathematical competences:
Boosts the ability of reasoning, logical thinking and problem-solving capacity of the little ones with our collection of more than +400 interactive activities. It allows children to learn mathematics while having fun and to progressively develop all their abilities thanks to our mathematical games.

Bmath collects all the content created by Innovamat Education, a company specialized in the teaching of mathematics with a presence in schools throughout Spain

-Constant updating of contents: new activities every month
- Adaptive learning system: adjusts to the child's English level, creating personalized lessons through an algorithm of successes and errors
-Prints for printing: Includes additional study support material on each topic
-100% safe environment for the child as it complies with the COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection) regulation

Scientific support
The contents of bmath have been developed by a group of doctors in mathematics teaching with more than +50 years of experience in primary school. His experience goes through the creation of textbooks that are successful sales in schools as well as the direction of research groups in mathematics teaching in various universities and great experience in the classroom with students of different ages and stages.

Consumer attention
Please send comments, opinions or complaints to our site:

Help and support:


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