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Mary’s Recipes

发行商: Mary's Recipes
价格: 2.99 USD


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Over 300 healthy and delicious recipes that can be cooked in about 25 minutes. Daily meal planner to help you plan meals for your whole family ahead. Grocery list feature to make your shopping efficient.

Cook Easily
Christmas Dinner recipes are already available in the app, waiting to be cooked.
Over 300 recipes and adding new every month.
Healthy and delicious to enjoy every piece of your meal and make you feel much better.
Quick and Easy recipes to prepare a meal in about 25 minutes.

Organize Smartly
Meal Planner to plan meals for the whole family ahead.
Grocery list with strikeout option is a perfect tool to make your shopping more efficient.
Share a grocery list with partner or share a receipt with you friend. Print it out if necessary.

Get Benefits
Minimize food waste and expenses thanks to a smart meal planner + shopping list.
Meal Mixer is a fun and useful tool that generates a menu for the day or gives an idea of what to cook for dinner.
Filter recipes based on food preferences: vegetarian, vegan, no sugar, gluten-free or exclude recipes with the allergen: peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, eggs, gluten, fish and seafood allergy.
Daily tips for parents to help you and your kids build healthy relationships with food.

All the recipes are suitable for children from 10 months old.

The app is created by
Maria Kardakova MSc.
Registered Associate Nutritionist,
Senior Associate, The Royal Society of Medicine.


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582 条评价

Amazing and useful app!


Great idea! Yet to try the recipes, but looks simple and healthy 👌 I am confused about the number of portions in the planner - some meals are planned for 1 and others for 6 pp and need to be adjusted manually. It would be better to have possibility to indicate family composition in the profile and then calculate portions based on this (smaller portions for kids), and perhaps also default weekly set up of nr of portions per meal. Would be also great to have a nutritional counter 🙏


Я пользуюсь приложением пока всего неделю, но мне очень нравится. Приготовила пока только один рецепт, но он вышел невероятным! Удивительные сочетания вкусов. И главное, приложение даёт понимание адекватной комбинации ингредиентов. Мне это в первую очередь было интересно для ребенка, который ест избирательно и игнорит овощи. Поэтому для меня это приложение - выручайка! Спасибо!


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