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Do you want to be a catching master?
Or just want to be a internet celebrity?
Or just want to get a lot of cheap?
In IpickPro, you can experience different experiences.
We have the newest online catching.
You also can watch the great player’s live.
If you meet the good player, you even can sponsor him or her!
In IpickPro’s world, the claw crane is not a cold machine any more.
There is a place where we can communicate with each other.

■ Game lobby!Lots of products!
In game lobby, there are a lot of products.
If you confuse about the choice in so many products?
That’s okay ! You can find the shop by the shop type.

■ Live!Cheap!IpickPro!
Do you feel tired yet?
You also can watch live when others play the game.
Then you can seize the chance when they don’t play anymore.
We will show the states of all machines in game lobby.
You can take advantage of taking cheap all the time.

■  Anytime!Anywhere!The place I can play is my own stage!
IpickPro will not be limited by everything.
You can play all the time!
You can make lots of people to be your fans.
To be a superstar what you want!

What are you waiting for?
Just go to IpickPro to get lots of cheap with us!
Let’s go and play!

System requirements
■ IpickPro - IpickPro system requirements :

Android version need to be more than 5.0.0

※Please go to IpickPro official website to check the lowest system requirements.
※We can not promise of the application working fine in tablet.
※Please play games in the stable network environment.
※From now on. If we update the app, the system requirements perhaps will be changed.



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