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FINALLY - 面向50岁以上的单身人士的约会

发行商: Joyride Dating
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买


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Dating Over 50 – The New Love of Your Lifetime

If you documented every up and down you’ve had over the course of your lifetime, you’d probably be an acclaimed author with several best-selling books. Actually, it still isn’t too late. Perhaps the one thing missing from your memoir is the story of how you finally found the true love of your life. But in an instant, that could all change. That’s the power of FINALLY: the #1 mature dating app specifically designed for over 50s and 50+ singles all over the world. See what all the fuss is about for free.

Mature Dating – Seriously, It’s Ok to Love Again.

You might feel like you’ve already done everything and been everywhere, but we at FINALLY believe you’ve still got SO much more to experience. That’s why we’re allowing you free access to take your sailboat and cruise-control your way through our user-friendly senior dating app. We’re willing to bet you’re gonna like what you see and who knows, you may even start to feel butterflies in your tummy by the weekend.

Find Love – Give Dating Another Shot

Under the beautifully-lit sky of a gorgeous sunset, a sudden twinkle in your date’s eye could lead to an unbreakable love you always knew in your heart existed but constantly escaped you. The FINALLY 50+ dating app is here to set up the lake-front view for you two to bask in each other’s company because we understand that happiness is all you really want at the end of the day. And we don’t believe that’s too much to ask. A new beginning awaits you on the other side of this screen.

Experience a Love that doesn’t Age

Mingle with older women and older men. Your privacy and security are nobody else’s business until you determine it is. This is why we ensure that you’re always in control of who sees what and when. You remain anonymous until you decide who you want to grant certain access to and when. Plus, you get to decide who’s allowed to strike up a chat with you. Your secrets are safe with us and when you’re ready to open up, we make it easy to update your profile.

It’s So Simple to Sign Up

Our easy as pie, one-tap sign up makes it a breeze to quickly mingle with mature singles near you today. Over 50 million mature singles use and trust the FINALLY 50 plus dating app - it’s about time you get in on the fun too. Join our no-nonsense community of over 50s today so you can see for yourself.


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