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English Learners Of Dictionary

发行商: Study Center
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买


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This interactive app features a comprehensive English Advanced Learner's Dictionary complete with word.

If you want high quality and immense value delivered via a single, refined interface, then English Advanced Learner's Dictionary is the right option for you. It’s a lot of fun to use and it delivers a great attention to detail, all while being very interesting and exciting.

The English Advanced Learner's Dictionary app enables you to search English words with definitions, examples, pronunciation, and more.

Get added listening practice and improve your pronunciation
• Listen to real voice audio for words and example sentences, in both British and American accents.
• Practise pronunciation - listen to the real voice audio for words, record yourself and then play it back to compare.
• NEW Listen to English words from other countries around the world recorded by native speakers.

Find exactly what you want quickly and easily
• Full text search - find your word, idiom, phrasal verb, or example sentence anywhere in the dictionary.
• Use Google Voice Search © to look up words by speaking instead of typing.
• Copy text from emails or web pages and find the words easily in OALD with the Look up from clipboard option.
• Search within dictionary entries using the Find on page feature.
• Tap any word in an entry to instantly look it up.

Works offline all of word, if word's content not yet the app will need to use internet to load one time and then you use forever.

- Full content of the print dictionary
- PLUS additional collocations, synonyms, and word origins
- Guide on how to use the dictionary
- Search using wildcards and suggested words
- Predictive text in search helps you with spelling as you look for words
- Search for idioms and phrasal verbs
- Search history to help you find recently searched for words
- Support for search from within other compatible apps on your device
- Bookmark your favorite words
- Word-of-the-Day

Main feature:
- Search word fastest.
- Audio pronunciations.
- Voice record to store your voice.
- Favorite words - customize your recently liked word list.
- History words - customize your recently searched word list and never forget the newest words you’ve learned
- English Spelling help - not sure how a word is spelled? This app will find it for you.
- Lookup the definition of any word in English quickly (FREE).
- Listen to real AUDIO PRONUNCIATION in English (FREE).
- EASY SHARE with anyone easily (FREE).
- More and more example sentences (FREE).
- My vocabulary


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18 条评价

I can't translate any words in this app although my internet is still on


Thank you ...


Sorry I don't have money to pay for this app..there is a lot of apps that can be used without money payment method.and i am a l layman and not educated just do this for passtime.but I do love this app well


App is ok.But there is a problem that it takes much time to load pronunciation.Every now and then it doesn't load pronunciation.I would like to draw kind attention of this app developer.please,fix this.As I am a student,I am badly in need of learning pronunciation. That's why i need your kind consideration to fix this problem.Thank you.There was no ad before but after update it shows ad.i am really disappointed 😞 now.


I guess it is pretty great , but I cant hear pronunciation . Oh no! It is terrible 🥺, please fix it


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