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Sakura Navi is only available in 2020

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Japan Meteorological Corporation (JMC) announces estimated dates of flowering and full bloom of the cherry blossoms (Somei Yoshino trees - Yoshino Cherry) at about 1,000 cherry blossom viewing locations throughout Japan from Hokkaido to Kagoshima.

Expected date of flowering and full bloom information is published around March and April, information for Hokkaido is also published in May.

• What is “Sakura Navi?”
This is an app where you can find out information on the forecast of the flowering and full bloom dates of the cherry blossoms and their progress towards flowering (Flowering Meter) all over Japan.
Moreover, there are functionalities with which you can enjoy more of the cherry blossoms, such as “Proximity Notification for Cherry Blossom SPOT” where there will be a notification when you are close to a Cherry Blossom SPOT as well as “Stamp Card” where you can record your previously visited locations.

• What is “MY SPOT?”
This refers to your favorite Cherry Blossom SPOT. You can register up to 10 locations.

• Cherry Blossom Flowering Forecast Map
The pins on the map indicate the locations of Cherry Blossom SPOT all over Japan.
Furthermore, the colors of the pins indicate the growth percentages of the cherry blossoms.

• Details Screen
The forecast of the flowering and full bloom dates of the cherry blossoms and Flowering Meter for each location can be seen here.
Each location can be added to MY SPOT by clicking the button “Add to MY SPOT.”
Previously Visited Stamp can be put on the location by clicking the button “Visited Stamp.”
“Visited Stamp” is available only when you are actually near the location. (*)
* This function is not available if permission to access the location service is not activated on your device.
* Once you have visited the location, you can put the stamp later even when you are away from there.

• MY SPOT (Cherry Blossom Calendar)
This is a calendar for the Hanami (cherry blossom viewing) season (March to May).
There will be markers on the forecast dates of flowering and full bloom for your registered MY SPOT.

• Stamp Card
You can see the locations where you have put the Previously Visited Stamp.

• Proximity Notification for a Cherry Blossom SPOT
A notification will be sent when you are near a Cherry Blossom SPOT.
* This function is not available if permission to access the notification service or location service on your device is not activated.
* The location information may have minor inaccuracies and notifications may be sent even when outside the area of your notification setting.
* Notifications will not be sent when the growing status is “Fresh green leaves.”

• Settings
You can set an area where you would like to receive Proximity Notifications for a Cherry Blossom SPOT.

* The forecast of the flowering and full bloom dates is an estimate using our own methodology, and we cannot guarantee a 100% accuracy.
* Information of MY SPOT and Stamp Card will be lost when the app is uninstalled.

Growth of cherry blossoms
The buds, basis of the cherry blossom flowers, are formed during the previous summer, and develop into flowers after going through the stages of dormancy, awakening (breaking of dormancy) and growth.
The buds enter the dormancy stage after being formed during the summer. After the awakening stage (breaking of dormancy) during the fall to winter season conditional on the degree of coldness, they start growing at the beginning of spring as the temperature increases.

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