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Paperland Pro Live Wallpaper

发行商: Joko Interactive
价格: 1.09 USD


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A fantastic paper cut-out landscape scrolls across your screen! Choose a fixed time of day, or let the sun and moon rise and set according to real world around you.

Live local weather is now available around the world, powered by AccuWeather. We've added an interactive billboard to support global, hourly, accurate conditions, so that users who want to take advantage of live weather can do so at no additional cost.

Choose from a variety of built in themes:
+ Valentine's Day
+ Christmas
+ Thanksgiving
+ Halloween
+ Easter
+ St. Patrick's Day
+ New Year's Eve
+ Silent Night
+ Desert Migration
+ Beach
+ Balloon Festival
+ Big City
+ Autumn
+ Tundra
+ Papery Land
+ Wilderness
+ Sunset
+ Silhouette
+ Road Trip!
+ Marina
+ Amethyst
+ Rainy Day
+ Winter Drive

To configure all the colors and objects and save your own themes, download Paperland Pro!

Take screen shots of your creations and share them with your friends!

Use the Randomize feature to come up with an infinite number of new themes!

If you like to change settings a lot, be sure to add the Paperland settings widget to your home screen (Home > Menu > Add > Widgets > Paperland).

+ Internet permission is used for fetching local weather information.
+ SD card permission required for screenshot saving.
+ General location permission is required for live weather and accurate sunrise/sunset time calculation.


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9614 条评价

This has been my wallpaper for years. Even recommended to some friends. But it hasn't been able to keep up with some new devices and latest android versions and the once perfect wallpaper has now software bugs creeping in. It's a shame, the developer seems to have abandoned it.


Love the holiday themes


Just a simple, yet adorable app. Really cool customization options.


Great app wish they had palm trees or some sort of plants for the beach themes and I don't know if this is new but now the sun and Halloween moon are so far off you can't see them


I don't know if there was an update but now the moon and sun are so far to the right that it's cut off. You can't see most of the Halloween moon, and if you do realistic moon phases, you can't see hardly any of it. Please fix!


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