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发行商: JuggernautAI
价格: 免费



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Designed by legendary coach Chad Wesley Smith, with revolutionary technology from World Record holder Garrett Blevins. JuggernautAI is like having the best coach in the world with you during every training session, helping you reach your true potential.


◆ Tell the system about yourself, including Gender, Age, Size, Strength, Experience, Goals, How Many Days Per Week You Want To Train, When Your Meet Is, and More.

◆ Our expert system artificial intelligence uses these factors to create a totally individualized program with more than 10 Quadrillion Variations.

◆ These individual differences help us tailor your program specifically to your needs in the critical areas of:

◆◆ Individualized Volume Landmarks. Do enough training to advance but not so much that you can’t recover.
◆◆ Optimized Training Frequency. You tell us how many days a week you want to train, and our system will optimize when and how often you should Squat, Bench, and Deadlift.
◆◆ Personalized Periodization Strategy. Our system will find the best way for you to progress to maximize your training while managing fatigue.
◆◆ Exercise Selection for your Weak Points. JuggernautAI looks at your weak points and your strength in individual lifts to decide which exercises will be most efficient in helping you improve.

◆ Your totally customized program continues to adapt to your feedback with our Readiness Rating System, making adjustments to your program pre-session, intra-session, session to session, week to week, block to block, and program to program

Juggernaut Training Systems is The Leader in Strength, having helped thousands of athletes from beginners to World Champions maximize their results and reach their goals. We deliver principle-based coaching through cutting-edge technology to help you get the best results of your life.


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51 条评价

Amazing. So much value for the price. I was using Juggernaut Powerbuilding 2.0 prior to switching to the Juggernaut Powerlifting app and can honestly say it's significantly more efficient. The app loads quickly, there are daily check ins which quickly adjust training volume, swapping out exercises is a breeze, and the demos for each exercise are a gamechanger. Extremely satisfied so far.


Been using the app for about 2 weeks now, so far it is awesome! Definitely worth the money IMO. All of the 1-star reviews are complaining about $30/month...they have apparently never priced coaching. anyway, let the gains begin!!


Paid the subscription. Did not let me choose my age. Asked for refund and received it fast. Maybe I could get some help?


This app is amazing. For those complaining about $30 a month for real coaching that isn't a template, you don't know much about powerlifting. If you want to get bigger and stronger, this app if for you. Be ready to do work though. Not for the casual lifter, this app is for those that want to turn heads and increase your totals. App design is super slick, the fact that it adjusts volume between workouts, between exercises, and between sets of the same exercise based on how you perform is like having an experienced powerlifting coach by your side. Do yourself a favor and give JuggernautAI a try. Just be ready to get strong.


Bait and switch, why not be upfront about the cost?


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