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카카오 T - 택시, 대리운전, 주차, 내비, 바이크, 해외여행, 시외버스, 기차, 셔틀

发行商: Kakao Mobility Corp.
价格: 免费


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排名历史显示카카오 T - 택시, 대리운전, 주차, 내비, 바이크, 해외여행, 시외버스, 기차, 셔틀在Google Play Store应用商店中的流行度以及其随着时间的变化。您可以追踪카카오 T - 택시, 대리운전, 주차, 내비, 바이크, 해외여행, 시외버스, 기차, 셔틀在不同国家、分类和设备上每一天每一小时的表现。









Kakao T continues to make difference for users to move, meet and experience more without any concerns on mobility.

◼︎ Fast and reliable mobility, Taxi
• Request a taxi anytime anywhere in Korea
• A wide selection of Blue / Venti / Deluxe / Black

◼︎ A fun way to explore, Bike
• Get anywhere faster and easier with e-bikes for all
• Return your e-bike to any open dock after you're finished

◼︎ Data-based chauffeur service, Driver
• Just click to request a Driver on Kakao T App
• Call a Premium Driver who pays full attention to even the smallest detail

◼︎ No more concerns! Effortless Parking
• Experience our streamlined operations from searching parking lots to processing payments
• Our availability prediction for parking lots will free you from concerns about parking

◼︎ Ride together, Shuttle
• Organize and pay for a charter bus route of your own
• Start your express bus trip from a pickup point you want

◼︎ Intercity Bus Booking on Kakao T
• Just input your destination and enjoy our streamlined booking and payment flow

◼︎ Incredibly fast directions, Navi
• Experience our swift and precise navigation system using real-time traffic information

◼︎ The easiest way to request a taxi abroad
• Enjoy our translation provided, wide selection of vehicles
• Available in Japan and Vietnam

■ Korail Ticket Booking on Kakao T (Coming Soon)
• Search Korail(KTX) train schedules and book tickets on app

◼︎ Easier payment
• Pay for all service charges with a single card registration
• Use and give away Kakao T Point for services on Kakao T App (limited services only)

※ Users may allow the following permissions to use the Kakao T service seamlessly. All permissions are divided into two categories – required and optional.

1. Required authority
1) Location is used for setting up pick-up point and destination
2) Storage space is used for saving the information of requested products.
3) Phone call is used for retrieving phone numbers for Kakao T verification.
4) Contacts will be used for tracking the progress of product requested

2. Selective authority
1) Mic is used for setting up pick-up point and destination based on voice recognition.
2) Camera is used for recognizing QR codes and customer complaints.

※ You can use the service even though you make no consent to Selective Access Authority.
※ You can change the access level in mobile phone Settings > App > Kakao T.

※ Kakao T’s permissions are divided into required permissions and optional permissions from Android 6.0 and up. If your device is running a lower version, you are recommended to check with the manufacturer of your device if the OS can be updated and, if yes, update your OS to 6.0 or higher, since you may not choose which optional permissions you will grant. Please also note that permissions granted by the previous version of the app will not be changed even if the OS is updated. Therefore, you must delete the existing app and revergod-install a new one to revergod-set permissions.


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Not friendly for foreigners, many Korean characters still displayed even if English is selected as the language...


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