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Are you tired of having to read questions that are too long to play? QuizIn revolutionizes the world of trivia & quiz by developing a game with a minimum of words to read to concentrate on the essential: answer questions and develop your general culture and your IQ while having fun.
Play this quiz in SOLO mode or in DUEL mode against opponents from all over the world!
The game is simple: you have to answer 7 questions in a given time. The faster you answer, the more points you earn. The first 6 questions are themed and the last question is a bonus question that allows you to earn even more points.
The difficulty of questions of this trivia quiz is very varied, impossible to be bored!
Boosters are also here to help you in case you hit a quiz question.
Throughout your adventure Quiz In, collect more and more trophies that will give you considerable advantages ...
Browse QuizIn and its different themes to improve your general culture but also your brain skills and your IQ.
In addition, you can follow the evolution of your knowledge and discover your intellectual profile through the statistics section of this game.
Why do you have to play this game? Good question ! Here are the answers :
- A quiz trivia game with tons of fun
- Thousands of questions divided into different themes
- A community of players who is there to challenge you
- Different game mode for all desires
- Throw challenges to your friends to find out who is the most cultured or the smartest
- Profile your intelligence
- Collect trophies thanks to your success
- Free game that improves IQ
QuizIn is an original quiz game that has everything to amuse you, enrich your knowledge, boost your intelligence and improve your IQ.

This game quiz has been developed in collaboration with psychologists and general culture experts to provide the best possible gaming experience and development of your IQ.
With the challenges proposed by QuizIn, you will not be able to let go of your application until you have succeeded.
Concentrate yourself, observe the questions well and let yourself embark on this infernal trivia game.
The quiz game that improves your IQ is Quiz In!
--> Finally, if you find that your intelligence increases significantly, do not worry this is a side effect of QuizIn :)
Now, you just have to start and download this quiz game!



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