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Kiakiafx is an online platform that allows you to buy and sell foreign exchange from the comfort of your home or office via a computer, smartphone or tablet.

With its state of the art, highly secured and automated payment system, Kiakiafx is poised to meet its customers’ FX demands by cutting out the long bank inquiries and harrowing communication delays to local FX dealer by bringing both buyer and seller under one virtual window.

Our services span multiple jurisdictions including Nigeria, England, China, Canada and the United States of America.

How it works:
• Customer signs up/logs-in in seconds.
• Customer initiates “buy” or “sell” transaction on the platform.
• Customer pays Naira or Dollar into KiaKiaFX’s Designated Local Naira or Domiciliary Bank Account via a secured wallet ID system via the Platform’s multi-channel payment gateways
• KiaKiaFX’s automated system bullet Pays Dollar or Naira-equivalent into Customer’s Designated Local Naira or Domiciliary Account or third Party Account of Customer’s choice.

Transaction Types:
KiaKiaFX has Four unique transaction types to choose from.
• Currency Exchange: Buy and sell currency online and get credit in your Local Naira or Domiciliary account.
• Fund Wallet: Fund your virtual wallet on the KiaKiaFX dashboard for your future FX needs.
• Peer to Peer: Send money to your family and friends on the KiaKiaFX network and stand a chance of earning rewards.
• Marketplace: Buy and Sell from other users on the KiaKiaFX platform. Cash out option is available for all your positions.

The KiaKiaFX Advantage:
• Seamless, cashless FX transactions through multi-channel payment gateways
• Competitive FX conversion rates
• Access to your own transactional dashboard plus real time FX rates updates
• No hidden charges
• No bank queues
• Limited paperwork
• One-time registration for all your transactions
• Seamless deposits to beneficiary accounts
• Transactions can be carried out remotely.

Feedback or have any questions?
Email us at:
Call: 09060008464, 08109573382
WhatsApp: 08143965388

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