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Kids Brain Test

发行商: Filmize 3D Studio
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买


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Sharpen your child's brain through exciting challenges! This unique brain development program for kids is guaranteed to boost your child's logical thinking skills and memory. These games are so fun that even adults will enjoy playing them. Different riddles and tricky tests will challenge your mind. This new puzzle game may break common sense and bring your new brain-pushing experience. Think out of the box, crack the puzzles and get ready to take the quiz!
This app is aimed at helping individuals who need extra practice with reading comprehension and learning how to recall specific details of stories. Engaging, colourful, and smooth child-friendly game play and controls which makes playing this game more exciting and learning a fun thing for kids. Kids Quiz GK is the best education game to improve or learn general knowledge with great enjoyable play. It will revise your study and make your mind sharp; this app is useful to spend their free time with gaining some knowledge. kids GK quiz game helps the students as well as their parents and teacher to make them smart and competitive at all.

Children may easily remember most of the questions and answers. Play this simple kids game to test your kids GK expertise level and make your ward smart and sharp in IQ with entertainment. Kids Quiz is having mix questions of different categories for mind test.

Merits of this game:

*Start thinking logically
*Boost memorization skills
*Improve concentration and focus
*Get an eye for detail
*Become sharper every day

Key Features of the app:

• Encouraging reward animations!

• Supported Multi-language

• Tricky & Mind-blowing Brain with no age bars.

• Unexpected game answers to the great number of quizzes.

• Endless fun and brain-pushing games.

• Enjoy a variety of levels in challenging games to exercise your mind puzzle!

• Reading comprehension for early reader.

• Engaging high-interest passages.

• Read and answer questions about each passage.

• It's never too early to improve your reading skills.

• Test your brain test tricky, imagination and mind puzzle.

• Brain out evaluates your logical think ability, reflexes, accuracy, memory and creativity

• Try simple brain test game with no pressure and no time limit.

The perfect combination of knowledge and creativity, exercise your mind with the triple test of EQ, IQ and dumbfounded challenge. It will help you to train your brain and test your abilities. Sometimes, the answers go beyond what you think, that's when you open your mind, not restricted to thinking.


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