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Beta Clean is a professional mobile phone cleaning software, suitable for most types of Android phones on the market (current tests have not found that Android phones are not working properly). It can help you effectively achieve efficient mobile phone management, so that your phone can reduce or compensate for problems such as stuttering, hotness, short battery life, fast power consumption, and privacy leaks.

What experience can Beta Clean bring you?

✔Junk Cleaning
Beta Clean will clean up junk that slows down your phone. With our powerful analysis engine, you can deeply clean up junk, apps, invalid downloads, browser history, and clipboard content in your phone to get more storage space. In addition, you can also clean up unwanted data in your social software such as Skype, WeChat, and you do not need to worry about deleting the wrong data. Quickly clean up trash with one click and speed up your phone!

✔Memory Boost
The small amount of RAM makes your phone bulky and slow. With Beta Clean, you can free up memory with just one tap, making your phone lighter and smoother. Beta Clean runs exquisitely, making Android user experience more comfortable.

✔CPU Cooler
Beta Clean will dynamically analyze and optimize your CPU usage. Find and stop overheating apps to cool down phone temperature. With Beta Clean’s CPU Cooler Master, your CPU temperature will be cooled down fast! Also, it will prevent your phone temperature from rising again.

✔Private browsing
Beta Clean’s fully encrypted browser allows you to visit any website without leaving any history on your phone. Worrying about privacy exposure? Not anymore!

✔Battery Saver
When battery-draining apps found, Beta Clean will act as a battery doctor to cut down unnecessary processes and save more battery for your phone.

✔Battery Details
Beta Clean can display the details of your day's battery use and the power consumption of various functions, including the APPs, plug-ins, screen bright screen power consumption, call power consumption, etc. Help you to accurately control the battery usage when you are out of charge. Safe and secure entertainment or business activities.


☛We will not disclose any of your personal data (such as username or email address).
☛Beta Clean will protect your information in accordance with privacy and cookie policy, and will not share your information with anyone else.
☛We hereby declare that this product does not contain any mandatory charging procedures, and it is completely free from download to installation and use.

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